The FoodSaver® brand is brought to us by Jarden Consumer Solutions which is wholly owned by Jarden Corporation.
FoodSaver® is widely known for being a market leader in vacuum packaging particularly for the home or non-commercial user.

A number of popular models of vacuum sealer are marketed and all of these are external types of sealer where the bag is outside the machine and the vacuum is created inside the bag. Some of the more popular models are listed below:

Kitchen Countertop Models


FoodSaver fm2100-000

One of the newer members of the FoodSaver range designed to take up less space on your counter top and reduce bag waste. Manual operation and complete with accessory port for vacuum hose attachment to work in conjunction with the full range of FoodSaver attachments.

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FoodSaver V2222

Compact design in a black finish supplied complete with selection of bags and roll. CrushFree™ feature helps protect delicate foods during vacuuming. An accessory port and 1 year warranty complete the deal.

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FoodSaver V2244

Another compact design sealer finished in black that offers the patented CrushFree™ technology so you can stop the vacuum before it crushes delicate foods. Also has an accessory port and hose but this time comes with a 5 year warranty.

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Super white and grey upright machine taking up less countertop space than some models. Offers more control over the sealing so that you can get better results when sealing moist foods. Removable dishwasher safe drip tray an assortment of bags and rolls and an extra long 5 year warranty complete the deal.

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An automatic upright vacuum sealer finished in silver. Supplied with accessory port and hose for connecting attachments. Machine auto senses the bag once it has been inserted far enough into the unit and then applies the vacuum and seals the bag.

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FoodSaver V3460

A smart Black upright unit that senses the bag and seals the bag automatically. Provides Moist/Dry food settings together with CrushFree™ feature and in addition has a one-touch function for simple and fast marination. Built in retractible accessory hose. Comes with a range of bags included.

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FoodSaver V3461

This is a sleek modern red version of the V3460 above.

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FoodSaver V3860

Another upright model finished in silver and black. Fully automatic unit with all the latest features. Comes complete with a 5 year warranty.

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FoodSaver V4840

Another machine finished in black and silver with fully automatic operation giving an extra wide extra secure sealing strip. Supplied complete with built in retractible sealer for sealing up zipper bags and containers. Comes with a large selection of bags of different sizes.

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FoodSaver V5860

Fully automated model with heat seal and separate hand held vacuum sealing unit. One touch marinate and vacuum modes included. Supplied with a huge selection of bags and rolls.

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Outdoor models

The models below are all described as outdoor models in the FoodSaver® literature but most would be more accurately described as being suitable for folks who hunt and fish or bulk buy. The type of users that these machines are best for are those where large amounts of sealing need to be carried out as quickly as possible.

These machines are more suitable since the FoodSaver literature says that they are designed to be able to carry out multiple seals one after another without overheating.

GameSaver® Bronze

GameSaver Bronze

This is a vacuum sealer specially designed for fishermen and hunters and even comes finished in an OFFICIAL Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Infinity™ Camo Pattern. Can be stored vertically to take up less counter space and has a built in roll cutter and storage and features hands free operation. Comes with an accessory hose port so that you can seal up canisters and jars and use the unit to marinate meats and other foods fuss-free. Also comes with a selection of rolls and bags.

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GameSaver® Deluxe Plus

GameSaver Deluxe Plus

Comes in a clean white finish and features easy to use one touch controls. Includes a selection of bags and rolls and comes complete with a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind.

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GameSaver® Silver

GameSaver Silver

This model is advertised as being able to seal up 25 bags continuously for those demanding bulk sealing jobs. Comes in a grey wipe free finish with large buttons for operation. Comes with an accessory hose so that you can use it with the range of FoodSaver add-ons and jars. Also has a carry-handle. Comes complete with a 15 foot DC Adapter power cord so you can connect it to boats, RV’s. ATV’s etc.

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GameSaver® Titanium

GameSaver Titanium

Comes in a smart silver/black finish. Able to seal up to 100 bags in succession without overheating. Has a dual-pump and is able to perform both single and double seals. Can seal bags up to 15″ wide so can cope with larger cuts of meat and game. The accessory port also allows connection of the FoodSaver accessory range. Another model with a lifetime warranty.

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FoodSaver® Professional

FoodSaver Professional

Comes in a black finish and features large easy to see buttons. Can seal up to 25 bags without overheating. Only manual operation ensuring that you have complete control over the amount of bag material used. Has an accessory port for connecting attachments and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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Accessories, Bags and Rolls

FoodSaver also manufacture their own bags and rolls and offer a comprehensive range of vacuum sealing accessories such as canisters, jar lids, jar sealing attachments, wine bottle resealer and numerous other items. A marinator unit and additional vacuum storage canisters for use in the refrigerator complete the offering.