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The Weston Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealer is a professional model of counter top vacuum sealer. It is an ideal choice sealer if you are a hunter or fisherman looking to seal and freeze large amounts of game or fish.

This vacuum sealer is also a great choice for a thrifty housewife looking to get the most from the family budget by purchasing meat, fish and other foods cheaply in bulk or by storing left-overs safely in the freezer for later use.

Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer (65-0201)

Preppers will also find the Weston vacuum sealer very useful as it allows you to perform multiple seals effortlessly without overheating so those bulk vacuum sealing jobs are not a problem anymore.

Vacuum Sealer Description

This model is a heavy-duty external type of vacuum sealer, commonly called an out of chamber type vacuum sealer. It features a heavy-duty motor which is also fan cooled allowing it to work continuously for far longer than most other models of vacuum sealer without the annoyance of overheating.

The vacuum is provided thanks to a double piston vacuum pump that quickly evacuates your bags ready for heat sealing. The duty cycle of the vacuum provided is very short due to the strength of the pump, around 3 seconds, allowing you to get your food and items sealed up faster. This machine is especially useful if you are performing a large number of seals where the time savings made can be huge.

The construction of the machine is in solid metal and Plexiglas meaning that this machine is built to last. The robust construction, together with the easy availability of spare parts from the manufacturer, mean that this machine is a good investment that you will be able to keep running over the long term.

There are 2 models of this machine currently supplied, the difference being the finish of the unit. The 2300 version (65-0201) is finished in high quality stainless steel while the 2100 version (65-0101) is finished in white paint. Note that sometimes pictures of the Weston 2300 sealer seem to show a blue machine but this is in fact due to the removable blue protective film applied to the unit to protect the finish during transit.


This machine was designed for heavy use and as such is ideal for Hunters and Fishermen looking to preserve their game and fish after trips. Because the machine is a workhorse it makes getting large batches of sealing done fast and trouble-free, meaning that you can get it all sealed and packed in the freezer quickly so you don’t lose that “just caught” texture and flavour.

Bulk buy foods can also be packed up quickly and effectively wasting a minimum of time and allowing you to make the most of cheap bulk-buy prices.


Bags and Rolls

This sealer uses special bags supplied by Weston that have an embossed or textured lining. Weston supply bags of many different sizes to fit all sorts of uses. Bags of different thicknesses can also be sealed with this machine up to 8 mil in thickness.

This unit is able to seal bags up to 15” wide which makes it one of the largest and most capable bag sealers currently available for the home user or small business. It should also be noted that the textured bags supplied by many other manufacturers such as FoodSaver will work equally well in this machine. Bulk buy bags will also work as long as they are the embossed type of bags. Bags where the surface is smooth on both sides, such as thick polythene will not work however.

In common with many other external vacuum sealers the Weston 2300 and Weston 2100 can also be used to make bags from rolls of material. Making your own custom sized bags is easy. You just insert the end of the roll into the machine with the material on the sealing tape, push the start button and then quickly push the manual seal button. The vacuum will operate for a second and then stop. You will have created a bag end. Cut the roll to the desired length insert your items and then vacuum seal as per normal. Voila!

If you want to reuse bags to save even more cash then make the bag larger than required and you will have space to reseal after thoroughly cleaning the used bag.

Sealing Mechanism

The sealing mechanism on this unit consists of a 15” long Teflon Sealing Bar. The sealing bar creates a 1/4 inch wide seal. Seals can be created manually or by using the auto mode control.

Bag/Roll Cutter

Unfortunately there is no cutter provided with the machine. But a sharp pair of scissors are just as good for getting your bags trimmed off to just the right length. If you are cutting a lot of bags from the roll then a small guillotine is a great way of quickly getting them cut square to the ends.


The control panel on this unit is simple comprising of touch switches for Start, Stop and Manual Seal allowing you to operate the sealer in its 2 different modes, manual and automatic.

In automatic mode you simply turn on the Power switch located on the right hand side of the unit. Place the vacuum bag neck open end into the vacuum chamber, close the lid pushing down gently using the handle and then press the Start button. Machine will then vacuum and seal the bag automatically.

For manual sealing you follow the instructions above but press the Manual Seal Button when the required vacuum level is reached and then the bag will be sealed. This gives you more control when sealing delicate items such as sponge cakes and crisps so they don’t get crushed by the vacuum.

In both modes the stage of operation that the sealer is are shown by a series of LED buttons as shown in the picture below Full instructions can be found in the manual that is supplied with the machine.

Drip Tray

The unit doesn’t have a drip tray as such. Any liquids that drip down into the chamber can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth

Storage Compartment

There is a storage compartment provided for the power lead on this unit. This is located at the rear where your cable can be stowed neatly. Unfortunately, there is no storage provided for bags and rolls.


There are no accessories provided with this unit but most users have either purchased an accessory hose or have one from an older FoodSaver heat sealer which can be used with this machine. An accessory hose can be used for sealing ordinary jars and mason jars. The hose can be used together with the FoodSaver jar adapters by attaching it to the centre port of the unit. An adapter is usually available on Amazon.


This model is designed to operate from a 120 Volt 60Hz Mains supply. The power cord is detachable and comes fitted with a 3-prong grounding plug. As previously stated the power cord can be detached and there is a compartment at the back of the unit where it can be stored safely.

Place of Manufacture

This unit is made in Taiwan.


Weston give a 1 year limited warranty with this model. The warranty covers most problems arising with the machine when used within the terms and conditions described by the manufacturer. Any accidental damage is not covered.

It would have been nice, given the price, if Weston had provided a longer warranty..

Maintenance and Repairs

This sealer is designed to be repairable and to facilitate repairs Weston offer a large number of replacement spare parts for sale. A number of users have obtained excellent technical support over the phone delivered by a US representative to assist with any repairs. This is particularly useful if you want to fix it yourself.


This sealer measures a large 22-1/2 by 12-1/4 by 6 inches and so if your short of countertop space then it might not fit your small kitchen. On the other hand you could always use it in a garage or utility room if your short on space. It also weighs in the region of 27 pounds.


  • The unit does not overheat when used as directed unlike most other units on the market. You get your sealing done quickly and can spend more time doing other things
  • It makes less noise than many other units so you don’t have to worry about using it in the evenings
  • Parts are easy to order from Weston, so if over time you should wear something out you can easily replace it even outside of the warranty period
  • The clear lid means that you can see what’s happening so you can stop the vacuum to prevent crushing delicate items
  • The machine wastes less bagging material than the FoodSaver vacuum sealing machines
  • It’s easy to keep clean even if you accidentally suck any liquid into the chamber
  • The company has been praised many times for its good customer service delivered through its help desk in Ohio


  • Very bulky, heavy and takes up a lot of space on the countertop
  • No cutter included, but a pair of sharp scissors work just fine if cutting bags to length
  • No storage for bags or rolls is available within the unit
  • The duration of the vacuum applied cannot be altered but due to the strength of the vacuum pump the duty cycle of 3 seconds is all that’s needed.
  • Consumer Ratings
  • Due to the very high number of satisfied purchasers and users this particular sealer has achieved very high ratings on several different sellers sites. Average ratings by customers at several different retailers are coming in at 4.6 out of 5.


The regular price of this unit on the manufacturers site is advertised at $499 but you can get a very large discount on Amazon. This machine is rather more expensive that most home vacuum sealers on the market but is relatively inexpensive compared to other commercial units.
Truth is that your getting a reliable commercial type machine for a good price with this model.


The Weston Vacuum Sealer is the machine for you if you are doing a lot of vacuum sealing on a regular basis. The machine costs more than a FoodSaver but is reliable and has been built to last and can be repaired, so you don’t have to keep on buying a new one every year.

The machine works fast and will save you lots of time over the long term. All these things together with workhorse reliability in our opinion justify the extra cost involved.

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