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ARY VacMaster Vacuum Sealers

ARY VacMaster manufacture and market a large range of catering and kitchen equipment. In addition to both external and chamber type vacuum sealers their range also includes a Sous Vide Immersion Circulator, a cooking system and an impulse bag sealer. A full range of vacuum sealer accessories, pouches and bags is also supplied.

Some of the highest rated vacuum sealing machines supplied by VacMaster are listed below.

External Suction Type Vacuum Sealers

The vacuum sealers listed below are all of the external suction type. In this type of sealer the neck of the bag is securely clamped in place and the air is pumped out forming the vacuum inside the bag.

VacMaster PRO260VacMaster PRO260 Vacuum Sealer

This model has a double piston vacuum pump and gives you a double seal on each bag increasing the security of the vacuum inside. It also offers a pulse function so that you can seal up delicate items without crushing.

There is also an option for marinating meats and other foods.

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VacMaster PRO305VacMaster PRO305

Features a professional stainless steel finish coupled with an extra powerful dual piston pump. Specially designed to handle demanding sealing jobs where multiple seals may be required such as when carrying out bulk sealing in the home or small commercial premises. Can use bags and rolls up to 12″ wide.

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VacMaster PRO350VacMaster PRO350

This unit has a smart digital control panel giving you fingertip control over the operation. Has a wider seal bar meaning that you can seal up larger bags. Designed to carry out multiple sealing tasks in quick succession without overheating. Has roll storage and a roll cutter built in. It’s not as noisy as other models of sealer so if noise is an issue this may be a better choice for you.

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VacMaster PRO380VacMaster PRO380

This is a larger size model than those above. The seal bar at 16″is long enough to be able to seal bags over 15″ so suitable for those extra wide cuts of meat. Once again there is a handy roll cutter and ample storage for bag material built into the unit. This model also produces an extra wide seal strip giving extra security to your bags.

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Chamber Vacuum Sealers

The way in which chamber vacuum sealers differ from external clamp type vacuum sealers is that in a chamber sealer the bag is placed inside the unit and the vacuum is applied to both the inside and the outside of the bag at the same time. Because the vacuum pressure is applied equally inside and outside the bag there is no danger of liquid being squeezed out of the bag or pouch. This makes the chamber sealer a much better choice if you are doing a lot of sealing involving liquids or wet meats etc or preparing pouches for Sous Vide cooking.

Ary VacMaster supply a large range of chamber sealers for both the home user and commercial businesses. I have listed some of the smaller to mid-sized models below.

VacMaster VP112VacMaster VP112

The VP112 is one of the smallest models in the VacMaster chamber sealer range but is still a very effective unit for the home user.

What VacMaster have done is supply a commercial sealer unit but placed it into a smaller low profile package so that it is possible to be sited inside a normal-sized home kitchen. This model has been well-received by home users and also the culinary press.

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VacMaster VP112SVacMaster VP112s

The VP112S is the newest incarnation of the VP112 above. The model features an improved lid and a new control panel display and numerous other enhancements in response to users comments. Reviews from users of this newer model have been very high in the satisfaction figures.

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VacMaster VP120VacMaster VP120

This model is a great home kitchen chamber vacuum sealer. The lid is automatic and you can program the various options. The height of the unit is lower than other chamber sealers in the VacMaster range so if your cramped for space then you might find this model a better fit for your kitchen.

As with most of the other ARY chamber sealers this one also has a lot of positive feedback from users.

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VacMaster VP210ARY VacMaster VP210

This unit is expensive but gets great user reviews. It uses the same pump as the VP112 but the sealing bar is shorter than the sealing bar used in the VP112.

The lid is not as high in the VP210 meaning that the volume of liquid/food you can put in the bags is less as you dont have the internal capacity to work with.

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VacMaster VP215

VacMaster VP215

The VP215 is similar to the models above but has a stronger 1/4 HP rotary oil pump. This means that it reaches vacuum faster so you can get you bulk sealing finished quicker without the unit overheating when worked hard.

This model produces an extra secure double seal on pouches and bags meaning your food is less likely to lose vacuum in freezer storage.

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Chamber and External Combined Vacuum Sealers

VacMaster DUO550VacMaster DUO550

The DUO550 is a hybrid sealer that can function as a chamber sealer and also an external vacuum sealer. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility. It comes with a 12″ Positive Sealing Bar and is designed with heavy usage in mind.

The benefit of having the external vacuum sealing function is that you can then seal up additional larger bags that might be too big to fit inside the chamber of the unit.

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