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Welcome to Home Vacuum Sealing HQ. This site contains lots of reviews, articles and tips for anyone looking to purchase a vacuum sealer. We think that the better informed you are before making a purchase, the more likely you are to get a good machine that is suitable for your needs, and one that offers you great value for money.

Research To Get The Best Vacuum Sealer For Your Needs

I did a lot of research before i went to purchase my first sealer and thought that it would be a shame to waste all the stuff i had learned. That’s what this site is all about, helping you to find the right model of Vacuum Sealer that fits your requirements better. So if you’re a house-wife, house-husband, hunter, fisherman or prepper or just someone who wants to learn about the different vacuum sealing options available to you then this site is just for you.

Prior to getting my first sealer i went and looked at lots of the different manufacturers models on sale from FoodSaver, Seal-a-Meal, Weston,  and ARY VacMaster® and others. I read what seemed like hundreds of descriptions on mostly useless sites that just repeated the information available direct from the manufacturer who coincidentally each think they sell the “best” machine.. What a suprise ..

From doing more research, it became apparent to me that some models were very much better than others when put to different types of uses, such as sealing in bulk, or sealing liquids or wet foods etc. Some models were also able to use much cheaper bags roll material or pouches so the running costs were much less. Some types also seemed to be much better built and last for longer as reported by many verified purchasers. Some of the companies also had very poor customer service. You need to be aware of these things when you go to buy a vacuum sealer so i have assembled the information you need on this specialist site.

Guides on Vacuum Sealing

I have also added a number of very useful guides to help you get the best from your sealer. Be aware also that there are certain foods that must not ever be sealed. I have also included a Sealer glossary to explain any of the odd terms that you might find used on manufacturers web sites. You’ll also find several other useful articles explaining, amongst other things, how to vacuum seal different foods and the many other things that you can use your sealer for so that you can get the most from your purchase.

The Different Types of Home Vacuum Sealers

If you are interested in getting a Vacuum Sealer then you need to know about the different types that are available and what each of them is best at, and what, if any, drawbacks they have.

There are basically 2 different types that you need to concern yourself with:

1. External Clamp Vacuum Sealers

This type of sealer is the most commonly used in the home and is generally better suited to low amounts of periodic use. These machines use custom supplied bags with an embossed side to the bag or pouch opening.

The bag is filled with its contents and the embossed mouth of the bag is placed between the external clamp jaws. The air is then sucked out of the bag. Once a vacuum is achieved the mouth of the bag is heated and sealed shut.

Because this type of sealer sucks air out of the bag it will also suck any liquids out as well. Any liquids that are sucked out of the bag can get between the edges of the bag and prevent the edges sealing when heat is applied.

This means that these machines are not ideal for sealing up wet meats and liquids like soups. To overcome this problem many users dry or pre-freeze wet foods and liquids before sealing so there are no liquids present to spoil the seal but this is inconvenient and can add a lot of time to the processing of batches of food.

Another drawback of this type of machine is that many rapidly overheat so they cannot seal many bags at once without cutting out. Indeed, with some of these models they need to be rested between seals so it can take a lot of time if you have a number of bags to seal.

The cost of the special bags and rolls that have to be used with these sealers are also much more expensive than the pouches used on the chamber type sealers.

2. Chamber Type Vacuum Sealers

This type of vacuum sealer is most commonly used by small shops and restaurants and commercial kitchens that do a lot of vacuum sealing. They are designed to be able to perform many seals one after the other without overheating.

These particular models all consist of a box that a standard vacuum pouch is placed inside. The pouch is filled with the contents being sealed and then the air is sucked out of the body of the sealer. At the same time the opening of the pouch sits inside a channel where heat and clamp is applied once the vacuum reaches the desired pressure.

Because the pouch sits inside the box there is no pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the pouch, This means that any liquids do not get sucked into the vacuum pump so they are much better than the external clamp type sealers when dealing with vacuum sealing liquids or wet foods.

Chamber type vacuum sealers are more expensive than external clamp types. The extra cost is due to the extra size of the unit and the stronger vacuum pump required to evacuate the chamber. The machine will also need much more room and will not be portable due to its weight.

Some models have the capability to be able to fill the pouch with an inert gas after a set vacuum pressure has been achieved. Using the sealer to gas flush the pouch can prevent the pouch crushing delicate foods such as pita breads, crisps or cakes etc.

Even though the initial cost of a chamber vacuum sealer is high, the running costs are much lower. The reason for this is that the pouches used are much less expensive than the bags and rolls used in the External Clamp Types and there is much less material wasted when the pouch is sealed up.

Chamber sealers also give you a lot more control over the vacuum pressure settings which means that you can turn the pressure down to reduce the risk of crushing delicate foods.

So there are your 2 basic types. Now all that’s left is for you to choose the model that is best for you. No easy task.. That’s where we come in..


Please have a good look around this site before you buy a Vacuum Sealer. You will find reviews on all the latest models and i have included a summary on each of them which tells you whether its a good fit for what you are planning to use it for.

Also please let me know if there’s anything else that you would like to see added to this site to make it more helpful. I look forward to hearing from you.

FoodSaver Professional Review – Great for Bulk Sealing?

The FoodSaver Professional vacuum sealer is a semi-commercial model that comes in a smart black finish.

FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer

It’s an ideal choice of sealer if you are a busy housewife looking to do lots of sealing and also if you do a lot of food bulk buying to get great savings and need to get the food sealed and in the freezer as quickly as possible.

It’s also a good choice for preppers, hunters and fishermen, as it has been specially designed for performing large numbers of seals in one go without overheating.

This means that it makes short work of sealing up large quantities of fish or game at the end of your trips, so you can get your catch in the freezer faster and preserve that wonderful just caught taste faster.


This model is an external type of vacuum sealer. It features manual operation instead of automatic which means that there’s less that can go wrong. It also has a built in bag cutter and roll holder.

The drip tray is an extra large version of the standard FoodSaver drip tray which gives you a clue as to the bulk sealing capability of this model.

The vacuum pump used on this model also seems to be stronger than other vacuum sealers in a similar price band.

The unit also comes in a rugged black finish with large easy to operate buttons.


The Professional is designed for sealing bags and can also use the rolls provided by FoodSaver.
The machine also has an accessory port where you can attach the accessory hose, which is supplied, and then use the machine in conjunction with a number of FoodSaver accessories making it even more versatile.

As stated above, this is marketed as a bulk sealing machine and the companies own literature says that it can perform 25 seals plus at a time without stopping. This makes it a great machine if you are a regular sealer and likes to get your food sealed up quickly and efficiently.

The vacuum on this machine can also be stopped at any time by simply pressing the seal button button and then the unit will seal the bag. This helps when sealing up easy to crush items.
It can seal up chip packets by just pressing the seal button on its own with no vacuum applied. The unit then just applies heat and seals without the vacuum applied that would crush the chips



This unit is controlled by using large well-marked buttons. There are separate buttons for Seal Only, and Vacuum Plus Seal, and also an Easy Lock Latch for securing the bag while sealing takes place.

The steps for operating the unit to vacuum seal a bag are simple:

  1. Simply place your food items in the FoodSaver bag
  2. Place the open end of the bag in the sealing channel
  3. Close the Easy Lock Latch
  4. Press Vacuum/Seal button
FoodSaver Professional Sealing Steps

To Make a bag from a roll:

  1. You first seal one edge of the bag
  2. Cut the bag of the roll to the desired length using the built in cutter
  3. Follow instructions above to vacuum seal items inside your newly-made bag

The outside of the unit and the buttons can be cleaned by wiping over with a damp cloth once you have finished sealing your bags.

Sealing Mechanism

The sealing strip formed by the Professional is twice as wide as the strip made by many other models of vacuum sealer. This means that the seal that is formed is less likely to fail over time ensuring that your food is sealed up safely for the long term.

Bag/Roll Cutter

The bag cutter is contained within the lid and makes it simple to cut bags to size for your own requirements. Using bags that you make yourself from the roll is a great way to save even more money as the rolls can work out considerably cheaper than the pre-made bags.

Drip Tray

This model features a special extra deep Removable Drip Tray that can be safely washed or cleaned using your dishwasher

Bags and Rolls

This sealer can use all of the standard range of FoodSaver bags including the Quart and Gallon sized bags. This model can also be used to make bags from the FoodSaver rolls in the 11” and 8” sizes.

Some other makes of bags can also be used with the Professional, notably the Weston brand and some bulk buy brands.

Note that the bags must be textured on one side to allow the vacuum to work properly and the machine cannot vacuum seal bags that are smooth on both sides.
You can however seal smooth Mylar chip bags with this model.

Storage Compartments

There is a storage compartment for rolls and bags so that you can neatly store your roll and/or bags out of site and there is an accessory storage compartment where you can store the accessory hose.

FoodSaver Professional with lid open

The rear of the unit also has a special compartment where the power cord is safely stored.

Power /Voltage

This appliance runs on a 120 volt supply only. It comes fitted with a 3 prong polarized plug where one prong is wider to prevent wrong insertion into the socket.

The power cord supplied is short so that there is insufficient cable for it to hang over the side of the kitchen counter and be pulled on by children. Also don’t forget that there is a storage compartment for the electrical lead when the unit is not being used.


The machine itself without the accompanying box measures approximately 21.5” long x 8.5”wide x 4” high

Place of Manufacture

The unit is made in China


Foodsaver provide a 1 year limited warranty with this sealer.


The FoodSaver Professional Vacuum Sealer comes complete with the following supplies:
1 Roll 11″ x 20′ bagging material
2 each 1-gallon bags
3 each 1-quart bags

An accessory hose is also supplied with the unit. This makes the sealer much more versatile and means that you can use this particular model with the full range of FoodSaver accessories including jar sealers, fast marinating unit, bottle sealers and deli containers.

Click Here for More Info


[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • More rugged and durable than most other FoodSaver models – made with the Heavy Duty User in mind
  • Very large buttons – so easy to use
  • Designed to be able to vacuum seal up to 25 consecutive bags without overheating
  • Works in Seal only and also Vacuum Seal modes
  • Quieter than some of its competitors
  • Simple manual operation means that there is no automatic sensing to worry about
  • Comes complete with the accessory hose making this a much more versatile machine than some



  • For some reason the Professional is marketed as an outdoor unit but this is a bit misleading as there is no d/c power source or battery power supplied?

Consumer Ratings

The FoodSaver Professional got some great ratings scores across many retailers averaging about 4 to 4.5/5 which is pretty good for a vacuum sealer.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

It was notable that there were a lot more satisfied customers than with some comparable models.


The price on this sealer varies considerably between vendors. At the time of writing I found it being sold at anything up to $189.99.

Amazon’s price at the time of writing was the best on offer with a huge discount being applied. Check here for today’s price.


All in all this is a pretty good unit especially if you have a lot of sealing to get done. The unit can perform a lot of sealing continuously before overheating saving you time and the operation is a simple manual type which means that the unit is less likely to suffer any failures in use.

This model is ideal for the bulk buyer, hunters, fishermen or preppers with a lot of sealing to get done.

The unit is however a bit expensive at its retail price compared with some other vacuum sealers so we suggest that to get the very best deal on this model that you investigate Today’s Price on Amazon >>

Weston Pro 2300 Review – Professional Vacuum Sealing


The Weston Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealer is a professional model of counter top vacuum sealer. It is an ideal choice sealer if you are a hunter or fisherman looking to seal and freeze large amounts of game or fish.

This vacuum sealer is also a great choice for a thrifty housewife looking to get the most from the family budget by purchasing meat, fish and other foods cheaply in bulk or by storing left-overs safely in the freezer for later use.

Preppers will also find the Weston vacuum sealer very useful as it allows you to perform multiple seals effortlessly without overheating so those bulk vacuum sealing jobs are not a problem anymore.

Vacuum Sealer Description

This model is a heavy-duty external type of vacuum sealer, commonly called an out of chamber type vacuum sealer. It features a heavy-duty motor which is also fan cooled allowing it to work continuously for far longer than most other models of vacuum sealer without the annoyance of overheating.

The vacuum is provided thanks to a double piston vacuum pump that quickly evacuates your bags ready for heat sealing. The duty cycle of the vacuum provided is very short due to the strength of the pump, around 3 seconds, allowing you to get your food and items sealed up faster. This machine is especially useful if you are performing a large number of seals where the time savings made can be huge.

The construction of the machine is in solid metal and Plexiglas meaning that this machine is built to last. The robust construction, together with the easy availability of spare parts from the manufacturer, mean that this machine is a good investment that you will be able to keep running over the long term.

There are 2 models of this machine currently supplied, the difference being the finish of the unit. The 2300 version (65-0201) is finished in high quality stainless steel while the 2100 version (65-0101) is finished in white paint. Note that sometimes pictures of the Weston 2300 sealer seem to show a blue machine but this is in fact due to the removable blue protective film applied to the unit to protect the finish during transit.


This machine was designed for heavy use and as such is ideal for Hunters and Fishermen looking to preserve their game and fish after trips. Because the machine is a workhorse it makes getting large batches of sealing done fast and trouble-free, meaning that you can get it all sealed and packed in the freezer quickly so you don’t lose that “just caught” texture and flavour.

Bulk buy foods can also be packed up quickly and effectively wasting a minimum of time and allowing you to make the most of cheap bulk-buy prices.


Bags and Rolls

This sealer uses special bags supplied by Weston that have an embossed or textured lining. Weston supply bags of many different sizes to fit all sorts of uses. Bags of different thicknesses can also be sealed with this machine up to 8 mil in thickness.

This unit is able to seal bags up to 15” wide which makes it one of the largest and most capable bag sealers currently available for the home user or small business. It should also be noted that the textured bags supplied by many other manufacturers such as FoodSaver will work equally well in this machine. Bulk buy bags will also work as long as they are the embossed type of bags. Bags where the surface is smooth on both sides, such as thick polythene will not work however.

In common with many other external vacuum sealers the Weston 2300 and Weston 2100 can also be used to make bags from rolls of material. Making your own custom sized bags is easy. You just insert the end of the roll into the machine with the material on the sealing tape, push the start button and then quickly push the manual seal button. The vacuum will operate for a second and then stop. You will have created a bag end. Cut the roll to the desired length insert your items and then vacuum seal as per normal. Voila!

If you want to reuse bags to save even more cash then make the bag larger than required and you will have space to reseal after thoroughly cleaning the used bag.

Sealing Mechanism

The sealing mechanism on this unit consists of a 15” long Teflon Sealing Bar. The sealing bar creates a 1/4 inch wide seal. Seals can be created manually or by using the auto mode control.

Bag/Roll Cutter

Unfortunately there is no cutter provided with the machine. But a sharp pair of scissors are just as good for getting your bags trimmed off to just the right length. If you are cutting a lot of bags from the roll then a small guillotine is a great way of quickly getting them cut square to the ends.


The control panel on this unit is simple comprising of touch switches for Start, Stop and Manual Seal allowing you to operate the sealer in its 2 different modes, manual and automatic.

In automatic mode you simply turn on the Power switch located on the right hand side of the unit. Place the vacuum bag neck open end into the vacuum chamber, close the lid pushing down gently using the handle and then press the Start button. Machine will then vacuum and seal the bag automatically.

For manual sealing you follow the instructions above but press the Manual Seal Button when the required vacuum level is reached and then the bag will be sealed. This gives you more control when sealing delicate items such as sponge cakes and crisps so they don’t get crushed by the vacuum.

In both modes the stage of operation that the sealer is are shown by a series of LED buttons as shown in the picture below Full instructions can be found in the manual that is supplied with the machine.

Drip Tray

The unit doesn’t have a drip tray as such. Any liquids that drip down into the chamber can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth

Storage Compartment

Weston Pro 2300 Rear View

There is a storage compartment provided for the power lead on this unit.

This is located at the rear where your cable can be stowed neatly. Unfortunately, there is no storage provided for bags and rolls.


There are no accessories provided with this unit but most users have either purchased an accessory hose or have one from an older FoodSaver heat sealer which can be used with this machine. An accessory hose can be used for sealing ordinary jars and mason jars. The hose can be used together with the FoodSaver jar adapters by attaching it to the centre port of the unit. An adapter is usually available on Amazon.


This model is designed to operate from a 120 Volt 60Hz Mains supply. The power cord is detachable and comes fitted with a 3-prong grounding plug. As previously stated the power cord can be detached and there is a compartment at the back of the unit where it can be stored safely.

Place of Manufacture

This unit is made in Taiwan.


Weston give a 1 year limited warranty with this model. The warranty covers most problems arising with the machine when used within the terms and conditions described by the manufacturer. Any accidental damage is not covered.

It would have been nice, given the price, if Weston had provided a longer warranty..

Maintenance and Repairs

This sealer is designed to be repairable and to facilitate repairs Weston offer a large number of replacement spare parts for sale. A number of users have obtained excellent technical support over the phone delivered by a US representative to assist with any repairs. This is particularly useful if you want to fix it yourself.


This sealer measures a large 22-1/2 by 12-1/4 by 6 inches and so if your short of countertop space then it might not fit your small kitchen. On the other hand you could always use it in a garage or utility room if your short on space. It also weighs in the region of 27 pounds.

Get More Info Here >>


[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • The unit does not overheat when used as directed unlike most other units on the market. You get your sealing done quickly and can spend more time doing other things.
  • It makes less noise than many other units so you don’t have to worry about using it in the evenings.
  • Parts are easy to order from Weston, so if over time you should wear something out you can easily replace it even outside of the warranty period.
  • The clear lid means that you can see what’s happening so you can stop the vacuum to prevent crushing delicate items.
  • The machine wastes less bagging material than the FoodSaver vacuum sealing machines
  • It’s easy to keep clean even if you accidentally suck any liquid into the chamber.
  • The company has been praised many times for its good customer service delivered through its help desk in Ohio.



  • Very bulky, heavy and takes up a lot of space on the countertop
  • No cutter included, but a pair of sharp scissors work just fine if cutting bags to length
  • No storage for bags or rolls is available within the unit
  • The duration of the vacuum applied cannot be altered but due to the strength of the vacuum pump the duty cycle of 3 seconds is all that’s needed.

Consumer Ratings

Due to  the very high number of satisfied purchasers and users this particular sealer has achieved very high ratings on several different sellers sites.

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

The average ratings of several different retailers averaging 4.6 out of 5.


The regular price of this unit on the manufacturers site is advertised at $499 but you can get a very large discount on Amazon. This machine is rather more expensive that most home vacuum sealers on the market but is relatively inexpensive compared to other commercial units.

Truth is that your getting a reliable commercial type machine for a good price with this model.


The Weston Vacuum Sealer is the machine for you if you are doing a lot of vacuum sealing on a regular basis. The machine costs more than a FoodSaver but is reliable and has been built to last and can be repaired, so you don’t have to keep on buying a new one every year.

The machine works fast and will save you lots of time over the long term. All these things together with workhorse reliability in our opinion justify the extra cost involved.

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ARY VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

The VacMaster VP112c is a chamber type model of vacuum sealer. This is a semi-professional unit aimed squarely at the bulk home user or small commercial outlets. Its also great for Sous Vide preparation, Smokers, Hunters, Fishermen and Preppers.

In short its a great workhorse and can seal lots of bags before it overheats.

Vacuum Sealer Description

ARY VacMaster VP112c

The internals of this sealer are the same as that of the commercial units sold by the same company. The VP112 though, is specifically built into a smaller chassis so that it will fit into a home sized kitchen. The unit has a wipe clean Stainless steel body.

With a chamber vacuum sealer of this type the food is placed inside an unsealed pouch. The pouch is then put inside the chamber of the machine and the air in the chamber is vacuumed out and the pouch sealed.

One huge advantage of this type of sealer over the more commonly available external sealers is that there is no problem with sealing up bags containing liquids. This is because the whole pouch or bag is inside the machine and therefore there is no seepage of liquids due to the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the bag.

The vacuum chamber of the VacMaster VP112 is large enough to be able to seal most types of foods that you would be expected to find in a home environment. The vacuum pump used on this machine is an industrial strength model and the motor is fan-cooled preventing problems with overheating even if lots of seals are done one after the other.

An accessory port has also been provided so that an accessory hose can be connected.


So, just to recap, this type of vacuum sealer does not suck out the air from the front of the bag and this means that this type of sealer is ideal for applications where you need to vacuum seal liquids or wet foods.

This sealer can cope with the high demands of bulk buyers, hunters, fishermen and preppers as it is designed to cope with the most rigorous of sealing tasks. So you can bring home a large quantity of meat or fish and get it all sealed up and in the freezer in double quick time preserving the freshness and preventing it spoiling.

Preparation of filled pouches for Sous Vide cooking is another area in which this sealer excels. Such methods of cooking, carried out at lower temperatures than conventional cooking methods, preserve the flavor and texture of the food much better.

An accessory hose can also be used with the unit. Being able to fit an accessory hose, means that you can use the sealer with the many different accessories available from manufacturers like VacMaster or FoodSaver.

This makes the VP112 even more versatile so that you can seal up mason jars, canisters and even reseal wine bottles to preserve the flavour of the wine for longer. You can also use the VP112 to marinate foods and rapid pickle vegetables and fruits using a marinator attachment.

Bags and Rolls

The VacMaster VP112 uses vacuum chamber pouches for sealing. Conventional bags supplied for external vacuum sealers will not work with this unit. There are also no rolls that can be used.

Many different sized vacuum packaging pouches are supplied by VacMaster and these include sizes as follows; 6” x 10”, 8” x 10”, 8” x 12”, 10” x 13”, 10” x 15”, 12” x 14”, 6” x 8”, 2.5” x 10”, 7” x 9”, 6” x 12”, 8” x 12” to name a few of the large range available.

VacMaster Pouches

The pouches are also available in a range of different thicknesses depending upon what you are using them for, 3-Mil, 4 Mil and 5 Mil. They are made from a heavy duty poly/nylon type material that is BPA free. You can boil and microwave them and they will still stay sealed.

These pouches prevent freezer burn and stops food drying out. Dehydrated foods will also stay moisture free for longer. Another benefit of using pouches is that they are very much cheaper than external vacuum sealer bags, typically a 1/6 th of the price, which means big savings on bags especially if you are a bulk sealer.

To give some idea of the sizes to use, you would need a 6” x 8” pouch for ½ LB of meat and a 6” x 10” pouch for 1- 1¼ pound of meat.

Some users also report that they have also been able to get the VP112 to seal 1-Mil Mylar bags. But we think that you would be wise to reseal them again using an impulse sealer

Sealing Mechanism

The sealing mechanism consists of a 12” long, heavy duty metal sealing bar that is activated once the vacuum pump has operated for the pre-selected period of time. An easily replaced seal bar is also fitted.

VacMaster VP112 with Lid Open

When using narrow pouches it is possible to seal them 2 at a time provided that they can be fit together within the sealing bar length. This can help save time enormously not to mention the power savings that can be made when using the sealer in this way.

Bag/Roll Cutter

A cutter is not required since the chamber sealer is designed to only be used with chamber pouches. These are available in many different sizes so there will undoubtedly be some that will suit your purposes.


The controls are relatively simple. A vacuum dial gauge indicates the level of vacuum pressure inside the vacuum chamber. The settings of vacuum duration and sealing time are controlled using the control panel that you will find at the top of the machine.

Vacuum Time can be varied between 5 and 60 seconds depending upon the level of vacuum pressure required. The vacuum time has a default setting of 30 seconds and the unit reverts to this default setting if it’s powered off.

Sealing time can be varied between 3 and 9 seconds depending upon your requirements. Longer sealing times might be required for instance where thicker bags are used. The unit is set to a default sealing time of 5 seconds and if the machine is turned off it defaults back to this 5 second setting whatever changes might have been made by the user.

Drip Tray

There is no Drip Tray required due to the design of the machine. Any liquid spillages that occur inside the chamber are easy to clean off by using a damp cloth.

Storage Compartment

The VP112 doesn’t have any storage compartments for pouches.


This model comes complete with a selection of around 30-40 pouches of various sizes to help you to decide the pouch sizes that you will need in the future for your requirements. This is a great help since its much better to actually physically try the pouches for volume by filling them. Trying them out in this way will prevent you buying the wrong sized pouches.

As already mentioned the pouches are manufactured from BPA free plastics which are much better for your health.

An accessory hose is also provided. Using a vacuum hose greatly increases the versatility of the unit allowing you to seal containers of all types with the right accessory add-ons such as, jars, Mason jars, bottles, marinating units and various canisters supplied by other manufacturers.

This will allow you to seal regular jars, wide-mouthed mason jars and also to marinate foods using the FoodSaver marinating attachment. Any other accessories that run off of an accessory hose can also be used.

Power /Voltage

The unit needs a 110 Volt supply at 60Hz and draws a current of 6 Amps. It uses 660 Watts of power during operation. A three prong NEMA 5-15P plug comes fitted and please note that you should always use a properly grounded plug with this unit.

Place of Manufacture

Manufactured in China


ARY give a one year limited warranty with this machine

Maintenance and Repairs

You should keep the unit clean by regularly cleaning it with a damp cloth. It’s also ok to use a mild detergent.

Spare parts are easy to obtain VacMaster. It’s simple to replace the heat sealing bar, you just drop the new one in.


External dimensions of the unit are: 8.5” High x 16” Wide x 23.5” Deep. The inner vacuum sealing chamber dimensions are: 12” X 11” X 5” Deep.

IMPORTANT: You do need to leave at least 14” more clearance above the unit so that you can open the lid. The VP112 will therefore fit quite comfortably underneath most upper kitchen cabinets.

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[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Can be used to vacuum seal liquids and moist foods unlike external vacuum sealers where you will have to freeze liquids and very wet foods before sealing
  • Meats and vegetables can be easily packed with marinade inside the packages saving you lots of time
  • Foods can be cooked while still sealed in the pouch. As the plastics used in the manufacture of the pouches are BPA free there are no harmful chemicals in contact with your food items
  • Higher levels of vacuum can be achieved thanks to the stronger pump resulting in a longer shelf life
  • Vacuum time can be adjusted which helps when packaging delicate foods that crush easily
  • It does not overheat in normal operation due to the cooling fan. This means you can work at a faster speed saving time.
  • Pouches are really cheap compared to the bags and rolls used by external vacuum sealers. If you do lots of sealing then over time you will easily recoup the extra cost of the VP112 through the cheaper pouch costs
  • Accessory port
  • Simple to Use



  • As this is a large heavy unit, it really needs a permanent home in your kitchen as you don’t want to be moving it around too often
  • Initial cost is high compared to an external vacuum sealer but as stated above, if you do a lot of sealing, it won’t be long before you recover the cost of the unit in pouch/bag savings alone

Consumer Ratings

Purchasers have given the VacMaster VP112 pretty high ratings at 4.5 to 5.0 out of five on several of the sites that we visited to check.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

This is a piece of equipment that clearly has a lot of devoted fans. This is unusual for a vacuum sealer as many seem to get quite a poor review score due to being unreliable and having overheating issues.


The price is listed at the manufacturer at an eye watering $699.00. But we have seen large discounts on this sealer down to a more manageable $550 at the time of writing.
Amazon were really low on price on the VP112. Check out the large discount here.

Review Summary

The VP112 is a really good chamber vacuum sealer. It’s a great machine for someone doing a lot of vacuum sealing and is suitable for a small shop or cooking business as it is a real workhorse.

This is also one of the best entry level machines for the aspiring Sous Vide cooking enthusiast as well as anyone that wants to seal liquids such as soups and stews. Also, don’t forget that the pouches are BPA free so there are no harmful chemicals to worry about if you want to pop a pouch straight from the freezer into a pan of boiling water to cook, which is another huge time saver for busy people.

The price looks high when compared to other vacuum sealers but if you are doing a lot of sealing you will soon find that the savings you make on the much cheaper pouches soon offsets the high initial costs. In fact the pouches are as much as 1/6th the price of bags from manufacturers such as FoodSaver.

If you add time savings due to the machine not having to rest to cool down all the time then we think that VacMaster and the manufacturer ARY have a winner on their hands.

We give the VP112 our highest recommendation.

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FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Plus Review – Doing Lots of Sealing?

FoodSaver Gamesaver Deluxe Plus

The FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Plus is a semi-professional external type of counter top vacuum sealer. This is the sealer for you if you hunt or fish and want to occasionally seal medium amounts of game and fish.

It’s also a good machine if you’re a busy mom or dad who likes to cook up food in large batches and freeze in one go and wants a stylish appliance sitting on the kitchen counter rather than a large bulk sealer.

This particular unit is capable of sealing many more bags without overheating than lots of other FoodSaver models.

Vacuum Sealer Description

As an external vacuum sealer this machine is pretty well-built and designed to go for longer without overheating than many other manufacturers models. Several purchasers of this model said that they had not been able to get the machine to overheat providing they left 20 seconds between seals as per the manufacturers instructions.

This machine has a white plastic wipe clean finish and features a number of clearly labelled buttons for the various functions.

2 Models of the GameSaver Deluxe?

There appear to be 2 models of this sealer currently on sale which can be confusing.

The GameSaver Deluxe, which is the older version no longer on sale from FoodSaver but still available from some retailers can be identified by the absence of a Canister Seal button on the top panel.

The newer version, the GameSaver Deluxe Plus has 7 buttons on the top which include a canister seal button. The older version, the GameSaver Deluxe has 6 buttons with the canister seal button being absent, but it can still seal up canisters.

We suggest that you try to get hold of the later model as this will incorporate any improvements that the manufacturer has made to the efficiency of the controls and mechanism.

The newer model is correctly listed Here on Amazon >>


As stated in the introduction, this model is designed for heavier than average use and so is ideal for hunters and fishermen who need to seal up and freeze game and fish in moderate amounts. Its also a great machine if you save money by buying food in bulk and then need to repackage it quickly and get it in the freezer for long term storage.

A great added benefit of vacuum sealing foods is that foods last so much longer in the freezer, 3 to 5 times as long as when stored in normal bags. Vacuum sealing foods before placing in your freezer also stops your foods getting spoiled by freezer burn.

As this machine has an accessory port and hose, it can also be used in conjunction with the FoodSaver range of accessories including jar sealing attachments and wide mouth jar sealing attachment for mason jars and the ever popular marinating attachment.

You can also use it to reseal bags of chips and other thin mylar type bags.


Sealing Mechanism

The sealing bar on this model is approximately 11.75 inches wide. The sealing strip that this gives you is a generous ½” wide which is wider than many other models of machine. This extra width provides you with a better quality seal which means that you will have less seal failures over time.

The unit is also fitted with an overheating cut-out so that the machine power goes off if you exceed a certain number of seals without allowing the machine sufficient down time between operations. The manufacturer instructions recommend that you allow 20 seconds between seals for optimum operation.

Some users have found that they can operate the sealer continuously without overheating as long as they let the machine rest for 20 seconds.

Vacuum rating: 22 in. of mercury.

Bag/Roll Cutter

The built-in bag cutter is really useful when trimming bags and the roll ends. Having a sealer with a bag cutter makes it a lot easier to get the ends of the roll cut square. This in turn helps enormously when you have to insert the end of the bag inside the vacuum channel.


This unit features controls for Fast Speed or Normal Speed, use normal speed for delicate foods and the fast speed setting for everything else. Moist or Dry Food buttons are also present that allow you to opt for a longer seal time when sealing moist foods.

There is also a Auto Vacuum and Seal button for starting the vacuum and a Canister Seal button so that the accessory hose can be used to vacuum out air from jars and canisters.

A Manual Seal button is also present that can be used when you just want to heat seal a bag, like resealing a chip packet where no vacuum is required.

To make a bag from a roll

  1. Open sealer lid
  2. Place end of roll in vacuum channel
  3. Close arm to lock the lid
  4. Press Manual Seal button and red light comes on to indicate sealing is taking place
  5. When red light goes off sealing is finished and the end of the roll has been sealed
  6. Unlock the arm the lid will then open
  7. Use the built in cutter to trim excess plastic from the bag end

To seal items inside your new bag

  1. Put roll into machine and trim the bag to size required using the cutter
  2. Insert food or items into bag
  3. Insert open end of bag in vacuum channel ensuring that bag edge is flat on the sealing gasket
  4. Close and lock the lid
  5. Choose dry or moist setting then press Vacuum and Seal button
  6. Wait till the vacuum has finished unlock the lid and your food is vacuum sealed and ready for long term storage in your freezer.

Drip Tray

The drip tray can be removed for cleaning. In fact, unlike many other manufacturers models it can be cleaned thoroughly using your dishwasher ensuring that it keeps free of germs and food smells.

Storage Compartment

There is a storage compartment inside the machine where you can store a roll and a number of bags if so desired. This is pretty useful as otherwise the bags tend to get all over the place in the kitchen. As far as I’m concerned anything that helps you to keep things organised and stored within the appliance is a good thing.

Be aware though that the commonly available 11 x 50 ft rolls are too large in diameter to fit inside the the storage area. The simple solution is to spool off around 20 foot of the roll which you store somewhere else.

Note that there is also place to store the accessory hose on the rear of the machine as well.

Bags and Rolls

The unit is designed primarily to use bags and rolls that can be purchased from the FoodSaver range. Also note that FoodSaver bags can be recycled and are BPA free unlike some other manufacturers.

Rolls and bags included?

This machine comes complete with a number of different sized rolls and bags so you can start sealing as soon as the unit arrives. These are listed below.

  • 10ft roll of 11 inch wide roll for making bags
  • 5 x quart sized bags
  • 5 x gallon bags

Different brands of bags and rolls can also be used but look first to see if they are marked as compatible with the FoodSaver vacuum sealer ranges. This unit is also reported to work well with Weston brand rolls.

Note that whatever bags or rolls that you buy the maximum width bag you should be trying to seal with the GameSaver is 11 inches.

Several users have said that they have sealed thin Mylar bags with the unit but be aware that the vacuum will not work properly with smooth Mylar bags.


An accessory hose for use with jar and canister sealers is also supplied. The GameSaver can be used in conjunction with most FoodSaver accessories to greatly expand the usefulness of the sealer.

3-piece canister setFoodSaver Bottle Stoppers
Wide-Mouthed Jar SealerFoodSaver Marinating Attachment

These extra attachments include canisters, marinator, jar sealer and wide-mouthed jar sealer attachments (for Mason Jars) to name a few.


The unit needs a 120Volt 60Hz supply to run. It draws 1A of current and uses 120 Watts of power. This is around average for a unit of this size.

The electrical cord is around 30” long and comes fitted with a 3 pin plug. The cord is not made too long due to the hazard of training cords hanging off the kitchen counter being pulled on by young children. Most FoodSaver models have cords made with safety paramount.

Place of Manufacture

This unit is manufactured in China.


FoodSaver give an extraordinary 10 year limited warranty on this machine. This is one of the longest warranties currently offered on ANY vacuum sealer and should give you great peace of mind if anything goes wrong with the unit.


The measurements of the unit are 16.5 length x 9.5 inches width x 4.5 inches high

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[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Simple to set up
  • Very easy to use
  • Uses less bag material than the FoodSaver stand-up model
  • Heavier duty motor than many other models
  • Much more suction than most other FoodSaver models
  • Does not overheat in normal use
  • Easy to keep clean
  • You get a huge 10 year warranty on the unit
  • Customer service is based in the USA



  • The roll storage compartment is not big enough to take a 50ft bulk roll. If you want to use these large bulk-buy rolls you will have to unroll some of the material to fit into the storage compartment. This is just a minor inconvenience compared to the cost savings that you can make using the longer roll size.

Consumer Ratings

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

This model of sealer had consistently high ratings of 4.5/5 given on many sites due to its very good performance particularly when performing multiple seals consistently without overheating.


The unit is for sale via the manufacturer for $139.99 at the time of writing. Amazon though periodically offers large discounts on these machines so check here for Todays Best Price

Review Summary

The GameSaver Deluxe Plus is the right machine for you if at times you want to get on with doing a lot of sealing all at once, say when you return from making a bulk food purchase, or a successful hunting or fishing trip.

While not a true commercial machine, this model can stand up to some heavy use without overheating so we recommend it.

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FoodSaver V3835 Review – Smart Upright Vacuum Sealer

The FoodSaver V3835 is an external upright vacuum sealer. As it is configured to stand upright this unit is ideal for the smaller home where space is at a premium.

This model is suitable for light use in a home kitchen probably for people living on their own or a small family looking to vacuum seal the occasional item.

It is OK for doing small amounts of occasional sealing but if someone were to plonk half a deer down on your kitchen counter then it would really struggle to get the job done.

FoodSaver V3835 vacuum sealer

This is a nice looking unit clad in a smart silver and black finish that will look good in any kitchen.


This machine can be used to seal bags and to make bags from rolls. The method is pretty straight forward as the V3835 operates automatically. As stated above, you just insert the bag far enough into the slot and the machine starts the vacuum after it senses the bag. Once the full vacuum is reached the heat sealing strip operates and the bag is sealed.

The unit can also be used in heat seal only mode to reseal Mylar bags such as chip packets to keep the contents fresh until you want another helping.

Due to the accessory hose port and the supplied hose you can also use the V3835 to vacuum seal Jars, Mason Jars, Bottles and Canisters by using various attachments that can be purchased from the FoodSaver range.

The accessory hose can also be attached to the FoodSaver Marinator so that you can soak your meats and vegetables in tasty marinades quickly prior to cooking to add more flavor to your meals.

Using a vacuum sealer for food storage will protect foods that are stored in the freezer from freezer burn and greatly extend their shelf life up to 5x longer.



Vacuum Speed
There are 2 vacuum speeds, a Normal Speed setting that can be used for most types of food, and a Gentle Speed setting that can be used for vacuum sealing foods that are liable to be crushed such as chips and sponge cakes. Once your crushable foodstuff has reached the required vacuum you can press the Seal button which will then seal the bag at the same time stopping the vacuum pump allowing you even more control.

Food Settings
Different settings are provided for moist or dry foods. If the machine is set to Moist then heat from the sealing bar is applied for longer when the bag is being sealed. This helps to ensure that the bag is properly sealed even if there might be a chance of a small amount of moisture getting between the edges of the bag seal.

Accessory Button
The Accessory button is activated when you want to use the unit with the accessory hose that is supplied. This increases the versatility of the unit so that you can vacuum seal jars, bottles and other containers by using the various add-on items of equipment supplied by FoodSaver.

Marinate Button
Press the Marinate button and then any meats or vegetables that you want to marinate will be subjected to a 10 minute cycle of vacuuming designed to quickly infuse your chosen foods with more flavor from the marinade that you add. The way that this works is that the vacuum is first applied and maintained for a few minutes and then the vacuum releases causing the marinade to replace any juices that were sucked out of the meat and fill up any spaces.

The vacuum is then cycled and pulsed in a similar fashion twice more so that your food is completely marinated. This is a huge timesaver as you no longer have to soak foods overnight to get the best flavor.

FoodSaver sell a Quick Marinating Canister that is specially designed for marinating foods easily with the minimum of fuss. Its well worth a look if you want to save yourself time marinating items.

Instant Seal
The Instant Seal button does just what it says and allows you to seal a bag up without using the vacuum pump or alternatively you can seal the bag at any time during vacuuming. This is an extremely useful feature as it means that you can watch the bag that you are sealing and stop and seal the bag before any delicate foods are crushed.

Seal Indicator
The large Seal Indicator lights up blue at the top to show you the progress of the vacuum and once complete the lower lights go red to indicate that heat is then being applied to the seal.

Sealing Mechanism

The Sealing bar on this particular model is around 12” long so the maximum size of bag you can use would be around 11”. The unit also has a thermal cut-out that operates once the machine has overheated protecting it from accidental damage. After a short wait, 20-30 mins, the unit is ready to go again.

This member of the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Range incorporates SmartSeal technology that once switched on allows the unit to sense the presence of a bag then automatically apply the vacuum and seal the bag at the end of the vacuuming process to your pre-set requirements.

The unit also comes complete with a retractable sealing accessory hose that can be used in conjunction with FoodSaver attachments so that you can seal canisters etc with the unit, increasing its versatility.

Bag/Roll Cutter

This unit has a built in cutter that you can use to easily tailor bags to the desired size when cut from the roll. The bag or roll is pulled under the cutter bar and then the cutter blade is slid across the width of the plastic material when the desired length is reached.

Drip Tray

The drip tray is of a special type patented by FoodSaver and can be removed easily for cleaning and is safe to be washed using your dishwasher.

Bags and Rolls

This appliance comes complete with a number of different items in the box:

  • 1  x 10 foot by 11 inch roll so you can make your own bags
  • 3 x 1 Quart Bags
  • 2 x 1 Gallon Bags

Storage Compartment

This unit has a built in storage compartment that can be used to store your FoodSaver or bulk buy vacuum sealing rolls. Note that the 50 foot rolls of sealing material may have to be cut down in length to fit the roll holder.

FoodSaver V3835 with front open

The unit needs to draw power from a 120 Volt supply. It comes fitted with a standard 3-pin polarised plug to prevent connecting the unit to the supply the wrong way round.
The cord fitted is short so that it cannot be grabbed by a child from below the counter top.


The V3835 stands 10.25 inches tall, 17 inches long and is 5.25 inches deep.
This model stands upright rather than laying flat on the countertop so if you are limited for kitchen space then this might be a good unit for you.

Maintenance and Repairs

A number of common spare parts can be purchased from the manufacturer. These include, an Upper Gasket Assembly, Drip Tray and Bag Detection Tray.

Place of Manufacture

Manufactured in China


FoodSaver give a one year limited warranty with this unit.


This FoodSaver model can be used in conjunction with most FoodSaver accessories so that the end result is a truly versatile machine that is well-suited to perform many different food storage functions.
The following attachments are available, Jar Sealer, Wide-Mouthed Jar Sealer, Bottle Stopper, Sealable Canisters, Quick Marinator.

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[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • It takes up a lot less counter space than other sealers due to it being able to operate when standing vertically.
  • You can manually stop vacuuming at any time by pressing the Seal button.
  • Has an accessory hose attachment greatly increasing the versatility of this appliance



  • Due to the SmartSeal technology and the automatic nature of the vacuum and sealing mechanism this machine uses more bag material than semi-automatic or manual machines. The bag needs to be inserted sufficiently far so that it can sense it before it will vacuum. This roughly translates to 1.5” of bag material wasted at both ends
  • Sometimes the automatic bag sensing can be temperamental and the unit fails to sense the bag. Several insertions may be required before the machine will sense the bag
  • The unit heats up quickly due to the heat sealing taking place at the bottom and may need to cool down after doing 2 or 3 seals. This can mean that your are spending a lot of time waiting if you have a lot of sealing to do so we think that this particular model is more suited to the occasional light user
  • It makes quite a noise when vacuuming but then again most sealers are pretty noisy

Consumer Ratings

Lots of reviewers have used this product. There are lots of widely differing opinions as to how good the V3835 actually is with it averaging around 3.5 out of 5 on several different shopping sites.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

An interesting fact of note is that even when people give this unit a good review they still bring up the sensing of the bags being a bit hit and miss so if you are purchasing this machine because you like the look of the SmartSeal feature please be aware that it does not sometimes work very well for some people.

Another thing that seems to irritate people was the amount of bag material that was wasted because the bag material needs to be inserted quite far into the unit before it can sense the bag.


Can commonly be found retailing between $179.99 and $139.97 with the best price currently available on Amazon.


This is not a heavy duty machine by any means and would be ideally suited to someone having a small kitchen countertop as it has a smaller footprint than similar machines.

This unit would also be suitable for someone who only does small amounts of sealing as the machine can only carry out 2 or 3 seals before it needs to cool down.

We think, after looking at several models that most people would be best suited by looking elsewhere to fulfil their sealing requirements as this model is overly fussy about detecting bags and overheats too easily.

If you’re determined to get this model then be aware that the price is considerably cheaper on Amazon, even cheaper than at the manufacturer’s site!

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Tips for Using the FoodSaver V3835

Make sure when inserting bags that you insert the left side of the bag into the right hand side of the sealing slot and then slide all the way to the left. This will increase the chance of the bag being properly sensed every time.

FoodSaver V3240 Review

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer

By using a vacuum sealer such as the FoodSaver V3240 you can greatly prolong the life of foods stored in your freezer and keep them free of freezer burn. Foods kept in the refrigerator also keep better when vacuum sealed due to the absence of oxygen and airborne contaminants.

If you are looking to save money and increase the shelf life of foods or store some of your excess then a vacuum sealer is the right kitchen appliance for you.

A vacuum sealer is also great for Hunters to preserve game and other meats at the end of a trip. Preppers and bulk buyers will also find a sealer very helpful especially if it has an accessory hose so that it can be used for sealing jars and canisters as this model has.


The V3240 is an external vacuum sealer suitable for home use. The unit is designed to stand vertically on your counter top and takes up a much smaller space than similar models. It comes in a fresh white finish.


The unit can be used for vacuum sealing pre-purchased bags and can also be used to create bags from the rolls supplied by FoodSaver.

This model is also supplied with an accessory hose that can be used to vacuum seal FoodSaver Containers and Canisters and can also be used to reseal non-carbonated drinks after opening.

Meats can be marinated quickly by either purchasing the additional marinator attachment or by sealing your meat inside a vacuum bag together with your marinade of choice. Note that its best to immerse the meat in the marinade and before vacuum sealing place it in the freezer so that the marinade solidifies first as you will get a better seal this way with less chance of leakage.

Packets of chips can also be resealed by using the heat seal only function of the unit by operating the seal only control. Other thin Mylar type bags can also be sealed successfully.



The Control Panel on the V3240 has a range of touch operated buttons that can easily be wiped clean with a soft cloth

The unit has 2 speed settings, “Normal” and “Gentle”. The unit is set to “Normal” by default. The Gentle setting should be selected so that fragile foods can be vacuum sealed with less risk of crushing.

This model can also be used in seal mode only, where it is used just to heat seal a bag without using the vacuum. This is ideal to use for resealing chip packets to help keep them fresher for longer.

Dry and Moist control settings are also available. The unit is set to “Dry” by default which means that the heat is set to be on for the minimum time required for making a seal. If you select “Moist” then the unit will apply heat to the seal for longer.

Several people who owned the unit said they only use it set on “Moist” as the seal formed using this setting appeared to be more reliable.

Sealing Mechanism

The sealing bar is around 12” long meaning that you can’t seal a bag any larger than this and should probably not go any larger than 11” on Roll or bag width as you will begin to experience bag seal failures.

To seal a bag you simply:

  1. Fill the bag with food or items you wish to store inside
  2. Place the bag into the open end of the machine taking care to keep it flat and free of wrinkles
  3. Close and lock down the lock bar
  4. Press the vacuum and seal control panel button – and your done!

In common with most units of this size if you are sealing several bags then you would be wise to wait 20 seconds or so between seals so that you do not cause the unit to overheat.

It is also a good idea every 5 bags or so to let the unit cool down for a few minutes. This will help prolong the life of the unit and hopefully by using it carefully it will keep operating for several years.

Bag/Roll Cutter

This model comes with a bag cutter built in. If you lift up the top of the unit there is another bar that is lifted where you pull the bag roll through. Once you have made the bag the size that you need you can use the slider blade to cut it across with the slider blade. Your bag roll(s) can be stored adjacent to the cutter if you so wish.

Drip Tray

The unit also has a built-in drip tray which serves to collect small amounts of moisture and liquids that might be squeezed from food during the sealing process. This tray is easy to lift out of the unit after use and can be cleaned by washing in warm soapy water. You can also put it in your dishwasher! Make sure that it is completely dry though before replacing in the machine.

Bags and Rolls

This particular FoodSaver machine comes supplied with several different items as standard as listed below:

  • 10 foot roll of 11 inch wide tube for making your own bags
  • 3 x Quart sized Heat-Seal Bags
  • 2 x Gallon sized Heat-Seal Bags
  • 1 x accessory hose that can be used to vacuum seal containers and jars

The manufacturer recommends that you only use its FoodSaver range of bags and rolls but many purchasers have found that bulk-buy vacuum sealer bags and rolls seem to work OK when used carefully.

Bag sizes that can be used include the popular 8” and 11” sizes due to the extra wide sealing bar.
The 8” and 11” wide rolls can also be used.

Storage Compartment

FoodSaver V3240 Storage Compartment

A handy storage compartment is contained within the unit that is large enough to take a roll and a number of spare bags.

Rolls up to 20 ft long can be stored inside the machine. Please note that the 50 Foot bulk rolls that are available from some manufacturers are too large to fit inside the machine so you will have to trim them to fit.


The unit is configured to run on 120 Volts and comes complete with a fitted 3-pin polarized plug where one blade is wider than the other. This prevents any risk of inserting the plug in the socket the wrong way around.

The lead fitted to the unit is also quite short, as similar to a kettle, it’s not a good thing to have a trailing lead to a piece of equipment that can get hot in use hanging off a worktop where a child could get hold of it and injure themselves.


The unit is designed to be used in an upright position and therefore the space that the unit takes up on your counter top will be smaller than many other vacuum sealers. The size is 16.5 wide x 8” depth x 9” high.

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Place of Manufacture

This appliance, as with many electrical appliances nowadays, is manufactured overseas in China.


A 1 year limited warranty is given with this unit. This covers most faults that could develop with the machine provided it is being used by following the instructions contained in the user manual.

Maintenance and Repairs

FoodSaver give good customer service as evidenced by several reviewers who have had their machine repaired by sending it back. If the machine damage is not covered by the warranty then there will be parts and labor charges to be agreed before sending the unit off for repair.


There are more add-ons that you can purchase to make the machine even more versatile thanks to the accessory hose port on the unit and these include:

FoodSaver Canister Sets
These come in several different sizes and can be used to store larger quantities of dried foods and other items.
FoodSaver Quick Marinator
This can be used for easily marinating foods so that you can improve the taste and texture of meats and other food items.
FoodSaver Bottle Stopper
Used for resealing non-fizzy drink bottles such as wine and juices to keep them fresh for longer.
Jar Sealer
Can be used to vacuum seal standard size Ball® and Kerr® Mason jars and other same sized types of jar. The jar sealer attachment works with several other manufacturers jars as well which means that you can probably use any jars that you already have stored in your cupboards at home.
Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer
Can be used to seal Ball® and Kerr® Mason jars and other same sized wide-mouthed jars.
Deli Containers
Deli Containers for storing meats and cheeses


[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Very simple to use
  • This unit takes up much less counter space than similar sealers due to it standing horizontally. Because of its small footprint it’s also a lot easier to find room for it to be stored beneath your counter top. So, if space is an issue, this unit should definitely be on your shortlist
  • You can select the sealing time with the “Moist”/”Dry” setting buttons giving you greater control over how much heat is applied so you can get the best seal
  • The accessory hose makes it possible for you to use a large number of add-ons to seal canisters and jars making the machine even more versatile



  • Some reviewers stated that the unit was not very reliable, but this was certainly not the view of the majority of purchasers
  • The vacuum mechanism is a bit noisy when evacuating the bags but the noise that comes from the machine is comparable with several other manufacturers models

Consumer Ratings

The ratings typically given to this machine by purchasers fall between 4.0 to 4.5 out of 5 which is better that many other comparable models of vacuum sealer in this price band.

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


This mid-range FoodSaver model typically retails at around $150 online although Amazon usually have it on offer at a very generous discount.

The running costs on this unit compare favorably with similar units made by other manufacturers. The FoodSaver bags though are a little more expensive than the bulk buy bags and rolls that can be purchased online.


The FoodSaver 3240 is suitable for a household wanting to vacuum seal medium quantities of food. This model is particularly suited for a smaller kitchen where the smaller footprint of the unit means that it requires much less space to store and operate in.

If you have large quantities of food such as game and large quantities of fish to vacuum seal then a more robust and expensive machine should be bought such as the FoodSaver GameSaver or perhaps the Weston Pro 2300.

The V3240 has continued to be offered by FoodSaver for several years and so I think this gives us a clue to the reliability of the model over the long term despite some rather varied reviews.

We consider the 3240 to be pretty good value for money and would easily suit small to medium sized families needs perfectly. The machine is particularly good value if you can get it at a large discount.

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Marinating Food Fast with your Vacuum Sealer

By marinating your food you can add new dimensions of taste and texture to really excite your taste buds. And you know what? Your vacuum sealer is a great tool for getting foods marinated in a fraction of the normal time. If you are marinating fruits then the process is known as Maceration.

Foods that Can Be Marinated

Here’s a list of foods that can be marinated:

[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Meat and Poultry
    Beef, Deer, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Turkey
  • Fish
    Anchovies, Bass, Cod, Halibut, Red Snapper, Salmon, Swordfish, Tuna.
  • Seafood
    Shrimp, Crab
  • Vegetables
    Artichokes, Eggplant, Green Beans, Olives, Squash, Peppers, Potatoes, Mushrooms
  • Fruits
    Fruit Berries, Melon, Oranges, Peaches
  • Other Foods
    Feta, Goats Cheese, Mozzarella


The list is endless, and there are a large number of recipes for marinades that you can make that are available from many of the different cooking sites online that you can try.

If you don’t fancy making your own, then many marinades can also be purchased ready made from lots of different food stores.

Using your Vacuum Sealer to Marinate Using Bags or Pouches

I have outlined the steps of the process that you need to follow below if you are using your vacuum sealer with bags or pouches for marinating foods.

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Bag Size
    Make sure that you use a bag or pouch that will leave a 1.5 to 2 inch end for sealing so that you don’t get liquid all over your sealer when vacuuming the bag.
  • Prepare Your Marinade
    Get your marinade ready beforehand whether your own recipe or one you have found on the internet or a shop bought one.
  • Prepare Food for Marinating?
    Most meats and vegetables take up the flavor of a marinade much better if they are sliced thinly or cut into smaller pieces. So slice your food first.
  • Assemble the Ingredients
    Add your prepared food to the vacuum bag or pouch together with the prepared and cooled marinade.
  • Mix the Food and Marinade
    Move the food around in the bag so that the marinade and the food are totally mixed together.
  • Finally, Seal the Bag or Pouch
    Vacuum Seal the bag and store in the refrigerator for between 15 mins and 2 hours or so to get the best taste.


Using Special Marination Accessories and Canisters with your Vacuum Sealer

There are several types of canister and attachments that you can purchase to make marinating foods easier when using your vacuum sealer. All of them are attached to your sealer by means of an accessory hose.

So if you want to be able to use this type of equipment then it is important that you purchase a vacuum sealer that can be fitted with an accessory hose or advertises a retractable hose.

Some vacuum sealers don’t come with the hose but list an accessory port or canister port as a feature, these are OK too. You can get an accessory hose that will fit the port at a very small additional cost to add the functionality to your unit.

FoodSaver® is one vacuum sealer manufacturer that markets a special Quick Marinator unit. Using this special attachment makes marinating your foods a lot simpler and less messy. The Marinator unit is attached to the vacuum sealer by means of an accessory hose. FoodSaver also supply a range of canisters that can be used too.

Weston Supply also promote a range of canisters that you can attach to some of their units as do ARY VacMaster.

How to use your Vacuum Sealer to Marinate with Canisters

Follow the easy steps to get great results when marinating foods with your vacuum sealer in conjunction with canisters.

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Preparation
    As before, make sure that your food is sliced thinly and your marinade is prepared in advance.
  • Assembling the Ingredients
    Add the food and the marinade to the canister making sure that they are mixed and that the food is completely covered.
  • Attaching the Vacuum Sealer
    Attach the canister to the sealer using the accessory hose or canister attachment supplied.
  • Marinating
    Start the vacuum and allow to run for several minutes then stop and release the vacuum. Repeat this process several times for the best results. By applying the vacuum several times the marinade is forced deeper and deeper into the food giving a richer flavor infusion.


Note that some machines from FoodSaver®, ARY VAcMaster®, Weston Supply« and others have a marinate feature to help you get the process just right.

Common Questions

How much time does it take?

Marinating with a vacuum sealer is fast and efficient. When marination takes place in the normal way by soaking in the fridge, some meats have to be marinated for days at a time to get the full benefit of the marinade flavor.

With a vacuum sealer however, this time is reduced to between 15 mins and 2 hours which is a great help if you want to take advantage of this method of food preparation.

How can a vacuum sealer marinate food so fast?
Basically, what happens is that the process of creating a vacuum around the food creates lots of voids inside the surface of the food. These microscopic spaces are like the surface of a sponge and greatly increase the surface area of the food. This means that the marinade gets absorbed much faster than usual.

Where can i get marinades from?

Its only when you start to experiment with marinating your food that you realize what a vast range of different flavors are out there.

Many different brands of marinade are sold by stores and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with all the different types before settling on a range of favorites.

If you don’t find such a great range in your local stores then look online as there are a lot of retailers that are only too happy to supply you.

If you really feel like taking a chance then just do a search on ‘marinade recipes’ and you can browse hundreds of extra special marinades that you can make up yourself for that special occasion.

Vacuum Sealing Glossary – Terms Explained

Accessory Hose
A thin tube that is attached to the Accessory port of a sealer to enable the vacuum sealing of various jars, canisters, marinating attachments etc. Greatly increases the versatility of a sealer.
Accessory Port
A small opening on the outside of a sealer designed to be fitted with an accessory hose.
Adjustable Vacuum
On some vacuum sealers the pressure of the vacuum created can be altered. One advantage of this is that when vacuum sealing delicate items you can turn the vacuum down to a low pressure to prevent the bagged items being crushed.
In the presence of Oxygen
Without the presence of Oxygen
Anaerobic bacteria
Bacteria that can grow in an environment that has little or no air such as in a vacuum sealed bag or container. Many anaerobic bacteria cannot grow in the presence of oxygen. Examples of anaerobic bacteria causing food poisoning are Clostridium Botulinum (Botulism) and Listeria Monocytogenes.
Automatic Vacuum Sealer
Type of sealer where the open bag end is placed in the machine which then senses the bag and then seals it automatically. Most automatic sealers tend to waste more of the bag material due to the sensing mechanism requiring excess bag material to trigger the mechanism.
Bag Cutter Attachment
Built into some sealers so that Roll material can be cut square more easily and with less fuss than with scissors. Also used so that bags can be opened easily. A great help especially when doing bulk sealing.
Bag Sizes
Many different manufacturers offer a range of bag sizes to use with their sealers. The limit on the bag size that you can use with a particular sealer is the width of the sealing strip or bar.
Ball® Mason Jars – See Mason Jar
Benardin® Mason Jars -See Mason Jar
Bisphenol A (BPA)
Plastic material used to make bags and food containers. There are concerns about the suitability of plastics containing BPA being used in applications where food might come in contact due to health concerns. FDA has
Botulinum (Botulism) – See Clostridium botulinum
BPA – See Bisphenol A
Canister Port – See Accessory Port
Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Type of vacuum sealer where the whole pouch containing the food to be sealed is placed inside the unit. This type of sealer is much better at sealing wet foods and liquids as the vacuum pressure outside the pouch is the same as the vacuum pressure inside the pouch. This means that liquids are not forced out of the pouch and can be sealed up without the problem of leakage.
Clostridium botulinum
Type of rare harmful bacteria thrives in low oxygen environments and can cause extremely serious illness.
Cutting Bar
Present on some models. Used to help with cutting the ends of rolls and sealed bags properly.
Substances such as silica gel are desiccants, they remove moisture from the environment around them. Small packs of desiccant are sometimes added to the vacuum bag when vacuum sealing clothes and other non-food items in a humid environment. This helps to prevent mold forming due to moisture trapped inside the bag.
Double-Piston Vacuum Pump
More efficient and powerful sort of vacuum pump used in some semi-commercial machines, notably chamber sealers.
Drip Tray
Removable tray underneath the sealing channel on External Clamp type sealers and in the bottom of Chamber Sealers designed to catch liquids from bags and pouches getting in the electrics of the sealer and causing damage.
Dry Rocker Piston Pump
Type of pump used in some ARY VacMaster® models and others
Embossed Bag
This type of bag is commonly used with External Clamp Vacuum Sealers. The embossing that is on one side permits the sealer to suck the air out of the bag. The pattern helps to stop air getting trapped in and around the food by keeping airflow even while vacuuming.
External Clamp Vacuum Sealer
So-called because the bag to be sealed is outside of the machine and the vacuum is created only inside the bag which is clamped at the opening. This is the most common type of sealer. Usually needs to use special embossed bags.
External Suction Vacuum Sealer – See External Clamp Vacuum Sealer
Fan-Cooled Motor
Motor that has a fan incorporated into the design for cooling. This type of motor can run for longer without overheating. Means that you can get more sealing done faster without the unit cutting out.
Filler Plate
Plastic sheets designed to take up spare space inside Chamber Sealers when sealing up smaller items. With a Filler plate the chamber does not take so long to vacuum out saving time and electricity.
Freezer Burn
Occurs when foods are stored in a freezer for long periods of time without being in an airtight container. The food dries out and then oxidises causing changes in appearance, texture and flavour. These changes can make food unpalatable. One way to reduce or eliminate freezer burn is to store food in vacuum sealed bags and pouches.
A measure of thickness of material eg the thickness of a vacuum bag or pouch.
Heating Element
Heats up the bag material so that a join can be made by melting both of the bag surfaces before bringing them together to make an effective airtight seal.
Hg Vacuum
A measure of the pressure of the vacuum that can be achieved with the machine in question using millimetres of mercury (Hg). The larger the number, the higher the vacuum pressure that can be achieved by the sealer in question.
Hose – See Accessory Hose
Immersion Circulator
Used in a heating tank when preparing Sous-Vide foods to ensure that the temperature of water in the tank is the same in all areas so that foods cook evenly.
Jar Sealer
A Vacuum Sealer accessory that fits over Mason type jars and is used in conjunction with an accessory hose to create a vacuum seal
Kerr® Mason Jars – See Mason Jar
Manual Vacuum Sealer
Usually an External Clamp type sealer where the bag is positioned inside the vacuum slot opening and then a button is pressed to start the vacuum and another button has to be pressed to start the sealing of the bag after the desired level of vacuum is reached. This can give you more control when vacuum sealing delicate foods such as chips and cakes so they don’t get crushed. A further benefit is that less bag material is wasted as the machine does not have to sense the bag before vacuuming.
Where foods are soaked in a liquid to enhance the flavours.
Mason Jar
Type of molded glass jars that come in several different sizes that are used to preserve foods. Mason jars can be vacuum sealed using the hose attachment in conjunction with a jar sealer.
Sometimes used as a measure of bag thickness. One Mil equals one thousandth of an inch.
A measure used for the thickness of bag, pouch and roll material.
Some bags are made from several thin layers of different plastics to give optimum strength and airtight performance, notably nylon and polyethylene. Both polyethylene and polypropylene bags are porous to oxygen so adding a nylon layer to the bag makes them airtight.
DuPont trademark for Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).sheet. Mylar bags are less permeable to oxygen than other types of vacuum bags and are commonly used by preppers together with oxygen absorbers to prolong the storage life of some dried and dehydrated foods for between 5 and 15 years.
Nitrogen Purging
After the food bag or pouch has had the air sucked out an inert gas such as nitrogen can be added to the bag. This technique is used when packaging fresh foods.
Nozzle Vacuum Sealer
Commercial type of vacuum sealing machine where a nozzle is inserted into the bag and then the air is pumped out. Once no air is in the bag the nozzle retracts and the bag is sealed.
Tough impermeable material used to line vacuum sealer bags
Out of Chamber Vacuum Sealer – See External Clamp Vacuum Sealer
Overheating of the heating element in the sealing strip can cause a vacuum sealer to cut out. This is one of the reasons why you need to research the machine that you are going to buy more carefully if you will be doing lots of seals.
Oxygen Absorber
Added to vacuum bags to create a totally oxygen free environment for your food. Used by Preppers trying to achieve the longest possible storage times for grains and other dried foods. Can be used inside bags when storing clothes to kill off clothes moths as well.
Perishable Foods
Foods that spoil
Plastic material used in bags
Plastic material used in bags
Pouches are more commonly used with Chamber Sealers. Several manufacturers supply lots of different sizes of pouches. The only limit to the size of pouch that can be used is the size of the Chamber Sealer vacuum housing. Pouches are much less expensive than bags and roll material.
Pouch Sizes
Pouches for using in Chamber Sealers are available in many different sizes and are much more economical in price than the embossed or waffle patterned bags used by External Clamp Sealers.
Pressure Indicator
The pressure of the vacuum is shown electronically on a display or on a dial on some models. This can help you to know when to seal the bag if operating the sealer manually.
Type of non-stick high temperature resistant plastic used as a coating or a tape covering for the heating element in some vacuum sealers.
Pulse Vacuuming
Gives you more control over the vacuum sealing of delicate and crushable items.
Reduced Oxygen Packaging
Or ROP, is a process by which any oxygen is removed from the food and then a gas such as Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide is added to the sealed package. This extends the shelf life and reduces premature spoiling. The storage life of refrigerated foods, frozen foods and dried foods can be extended by using this method.
Retractable Hose
Some types of accessory hose can be retracted after use and are stored inside the body of the machine.
Some manufacturers supply bag material on a roll so that you can make bags the exact size that you require. This often works out cheaper than buying costly custom sized bags.
Roll Cutter – See Cutting Bar
ROP – See Reduced Oxygen Packaging
Seal Length
This is the length of the heat sealing bar. Any bag used must be slightly smaller than the sealing bar to be able to be heat sealed properly
Seal Width – See Seal Length
Sealing Strip
Heat is supplied to the Sealing Strip to seal the bag
Sealing Time
On some machines the sealing time, the time that the heating element is on for and the clamp is operated can be adjusted. This can be helpful if you are using different thickness bags to achieve a better seal.
Smart Seal Technology
Proprietary technology used on some FoodSaver machines. The machine senses moisture in the food being sealed and adjusts the sealing time for the best results
Snorkel Vacuum Sealer – See Nozzle Vacuum Sealer
Sous Vide
A French word meaning “under vacuum”. Sous Vide cooking is where food, vacuum sealed in bags, is cooked in a water bath maintained at the correct temperature. It can take much longer than normal cooking times.
Suction Vacuum Sealer – See External Clamp Vacuum Sealer
Teflon Tape
Type of PTFE heat resistant non-stick tape used to protect the heating element
Vacuum Bottle Stoppers
An accessory that can be purchased that is used in conjunction with an accessory hose to temporarily stopper up wine bottles after opening.
Vacuum Channel
The opening where the pouch or bag end is placed so that air can be sucked out.
Vacuum Packaging
Method of packing food where the majority of the air is removed from the package extending the shelf life and protecting from freezer burn.
Vacuum Port
Place where an accessory hose can be attached.
Vacuum Pouch – See Pouch
Vacuum Pressure
The pressure of the vacuum produced by the vacuum pump.
Vacuum Sealer Tape – See PTFE Tape
Vacuum Zipper Bag
Tyoe of vacuum bag that has a zip seal on one end so you can open them up time and time again. Useful for fridge stored items.
Waffle Pattern Bags – See Embossed Bag
Water Bath
Sous Vide cooking takes place inside a vacuum bag or pouch in a controlled temperature water bath. This method of cooking preserves the flavour, moisture and texture of the food better than if it is cooked by conventional means.
Zipper bags – See Vacuum Zipper Bag

Help Protect the Environment with your Vacuum Sealer

There are many reasons to get a vacuum sealer and one of the main ones is to reduce the amount of waste that you and your family produce. By using a vacuum sealer you can lessen your impact on the environment by making sure that as much as possible of the food that you buy is eaten rather than thrown away.

It’s estimated by the US government that over 40% of all the food produced in the U.S. ends up being uneaten and a large amount of this waste ends up polluting our environment. This is a massive amount of money – over $40 billion dollars a year! I’m sure that you will agree with me that this is a huge cost to the average family and an enormous amount of waste.

It’s not only a huge amount of food but is also a lot of cash wasted for the average family. If we could only save half of the amount of food that we currently put in the garbage then it would be like giving ourselves quite a nice salary raise.

Unfortunately, most of us are contributing towards this figure by throwing away lots of perishable food items each and every day. Most of this food could be saved by vacuum sealing it and putting it in the fridge or freezer for use later on.

There are many other ways in which you can use a vacuum sealer to save money and reduce the amount of food that you throw away.

Dealing with Leftovers

Nowadays, when I cook meals, if I end up with too much after I’ve dished up, then I seal up and freeze the extra. There are 2 benefits to doing this, I am saving cash by fully using all the food that I buy, and I also have an easy meal to prepare on another day when i might be pushed for time.

You’d be surprised how much the savings add up when you start to use your food leftovers in this way.

Buy in Bulk

Take advantage of food savings by buying meat and some fruits in quantity at times of the year when supplies are cheap. Then use your vacuum sealer to seal the food into portion sizes to exactly fit your recipes this ensures that when you prepare meals you only cook the right amount.

Cook Larger Quantities

if you cook recipes in bulk you can then use what you want to your meal and vacuum seal the leftovers to use on another day perhaps when you don’t have time to cook a meal from scratch. This not only saves in cooking time but also means that you can eat more home-cooked food and less shop bought ready meals which are not as good nutritionally for you anyway.

Home cooking is better for your health and less expensive than eating take-outs and ready meals and also save you money. Cooking in larger quantities and reheating later also means that you save on your fuel bills as you don’t need to have your cooker on for quite such a long time.

Hunting and Fishing

If we go on a hunting or fishing trip then when we get home all the meat and fish is cleaned and washed and afterwards divided into portion sizes for meals. We then spend an afternoon getting all the meat and fish vacuum sealed and stored away in the freezer. Dealing with an excess of produce like this results in us having fresh food available when we want it in the correct sized joints and fillet portions that I need so less waste again.

Leftover Vegetables and Bones

We use our meat and vegetable leftovers to make stock so that we can make delicious gravies and soup when we want.
We do this by boiling up our bones and vegetable trimmings and then boil down this broth over the space of a few hours in a large stock-pot.
We pour this rich stock into portion-sized containers and after it has cooled down we put it in the freezer. Once frozen solid we pop the frozen stock in a vacuum bag and vacuum seal it for using later.

I’m sure that you can think of several other ways that you can use your sealer to save money on food and to help your family eat better quality food all year round.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Vacuum Sealers are Great Tools for Preppers

Any prepper will find having a vacuum sealer very helpful in getting food prepared for long term storage quickly and easily. By using a sealer you can store most perishable foods for the maximum amount of time, increasing the shelf life by up to five times in some cases.

This makes it a lot easier to organize yourself when it comes to bulk food storage and in fact makes it more convenient to purchase food in larger quantities when you can get better value for money.
However, making the most of your vacuum sealer takes a little forethought and planning. You must remember that even though food is vacuum sealed, it still, in the majority of cases, will need to be stored in a freezer or refrigerator at the very least to stop it spoiling.

After your food has been sealed it will then be able to be stored for very much longer inside your freezer without suffering from freezer burn or the loss of taste. It’s very important in a survival situation to be able to have food to hand that is both palatable and nutritious to keep your health and morale high.

What type of vacuum sealer should you buy??

If you’re a prepper looking to buy a vacuum sealer, then all things being equal, the volume of food that you want to vacuum seal will largely determine the type of vacuum sealer that you should buy.

Another major factor that should affect your choice should be whether you will be vacuum sealing liquids as some types of sealer are much better at sealing wet and liquid foods.

Really what you should be looking for is a sealer that is capable of being used to seal larger quantities of food without the sealing mechanism overheating. So you should be looking for a semi-professional type of machine such as those made by Weston or similar.

These types of machine are capable of performing lots of sealing operations before they begin to overheat. This means that you can get your food sealed up quicker without the machine cutting out so often saving you lots of time and frustration.

If on the other hand you need to do a lot of sealing and you also want to be sealing liquids, then you might be better having a look at a chamber sealing type of machine such as the VacMaster range which are manufactured by Ary.

Another benefit of choosing a chamber sealing type of vacuum sealing machine is that the pouches that are used to store the food are very much cheaper than the special bag and roll material used in external clamp type of sealers.

A few simple tips to get the most from your vacuum sealer

  • always use the recommended pouches, bags or rolls with your particular sealer. If you do not use the correct materials then you could damage your vacuum sealer. You could also have problems with the seal on any packs and pouches failing prematurely causing your foodstuffs to become spoiled .
  • Make sure that you leave plenty of excess material inside bag when forming the seal at the top of the pack. You can then remove some of the contents of the bag and reseal it afterwards.
  • If you don’t have a chamber sealer then always make sure if sealing wet food or liquids that you either pat wet foods dry with a kitchen towel or you freeze them prior to sealing. This will stop liquid getting inside the machine causing damage to the electrical parts and will also help you get a good seal.
  • Soups and stocks and other liquids can be frozen in more convenient shapes by using square containers and then will not take up as much space in the freezer when stored.
  • When sealing the bag make sure that the bag or pouch edges are free from creases as this will help you get a better seal.
  • Don’t forget that all fruits and vegetables must be prepared prior to vacuum sealing by proper cleaning and discarding any damaged specimens. Proper blanching must also take place so that any living cells are killed and do not continue to metabolize inside the bag spoiling the food.

I hope this short article has given you some information to help you in choosing the correct vacuum sealer for your needs.

There are several other helpful articles on this site that can give you more ideas about what you might use your vacuum sealer for.

Please feel welcome to stick around and have a look.

Storing Clothes with your Vacuum Sealer

Your vacuum sealer is a wonderfully versatile piece of kitchen equipment but there are many other, not so well known things that you can use it for, such as safely storing up your clothes and other fabrics and materials.

Storing Clothes, Bed Linens, Curtains and other Fabrics

There are a lot of benefits to storing Clothes and Bed Linens vacuum packed. For a start, once they are sealed they are then safe from damp and attack by insects. As an added bonus, the clothes and household items will take up much less space in your home.

It’s easy to pack away the winter seasons clothes, duvets and heavy bed linen when spring arrives until they are needed again at the end of the summer. You will be surprised at how much more organised the closets and cupboards in your home will be if you do this each year.

If you have family heirlooms like wedding dresses and baby clothes then these too will store for much longer without the danger of mildew and attack from pests if they are stored in a vacuum bag.

Another great way in which vacuum packing clothes can help you is when you go on a trip or when your kids go off to college. By packing down the clothes and linens into a much smaller space it’s easier to get all the stuff packed into less bags so it takes up less space in the car or on the plane.

If you are going camping then sealing up clothes means that you can always have a dry set available if you need them in an emergency.

Method for Vacuum Sealing Clothes

When you are sealing up any type of clothing and materials it is really important that they are clean and dry before sealing up. This will prevent any danger of rotting or mold forming inside the bags.

If you’re using your FoodSaver sealer then one of the easiest ways to vacuum pack your clothes is to first make a bag of the desired size from a roll, insert your clothes, and then vacuum and seal up the bag. It’s also possible to use the reusable zipper type bags if you have a hose attachment on your vacuum sealer.

NOTE: Be extremely careful if vacuum packing delicate clothing items. Keep the level of vacuum set low as used for delicate foods like crisps so that clothes are not crushed and permanently damaged.

In a Humid Environment

Where there is a lot of moisture in the air then clothes that are vacuum sealed can still be attacked by fungus and mold. This can be prevented by adding one or more silica gel desiccant packs in with your clothes before sealing. Silica Gel packs can absorb up to 40% of their own volume in water and are widely used by manufacturers to remove moisture from sealed packaging to prevent mold and you can also do the same.

When there are Moths

Moths can be a real pain and will even eat their way through your clothes if they are vacuum packed. A good way to stop them is to add an oxygen absorber in with your clothes before sealing the bag. This will ensure that any residual traces of oxygen are removed and the moths will then suffocate and die.


We hope that you like this article and that it helps you get you to get the most from your vacuum sealer.

Be sure to look out for more tips coming soon.